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New Patients

If you want to join our Practice we can register you with a two minute phone call to 01727 853160. We will then send you a letter to confirm your first appointment together with a medical questionnaire and Practice Leaflet.

We initially invite you to come for a new patient assessment. This involves a thirty minute consultation appointment with one of our dentists allowing plenty of time for you to address your dental concerns and talk about how we can help your oral and dental health.

At the first appointment, we carry out a extensive examination of your teeth, gums, and the soft tissues inside your mouth also screening for cancer. We then take any necessary radiographs (x-rays). All of this gives us an accurate picture of your oral health, and allows us to discuss the examination findings and all possible treatment options with you, including a full breakdown of the treatment costs at the end of the appointment.

No treatment is usually carried out on this first visit unless it is to alleviate pain or you request us to do so. You may wish to ponder about the options you have been given – that's okay, there is no pressure on our part but our wish for you to make a fully informed decision that is best for you. Our wish is to form a long-lasting relationship with yourself and this approach to dentistry ensures your visit is effective, informative and anxiety free.

If you are interested in cosmetic dentistry or implants to improve the appearance of your teeth this can also be discussed and the dentist's expert opinion sought.

It is our philosophy to ensure that patients only receive treatment or services that they want and need.

If you have any queries prior to booking an appointment or attending for your initial consultation please do not hesitate to call us.


For our younger patients...

The team of dentists and support staff at St Peter's Lodge is not only experienced working with children but is also very 'child friendly'. We are aware of the special attention that our younger patients require and we aim to inspire them to be able to understand the concepts of oral health and the prevention of dental disease. With regular check-ups, our dentists can provide advice and treatment that can help your child keep healthy teeth for life. We aim to make your child's experience of dentistry stress-free, fun and educational.

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