Don’t Let Illegal Tooth Whitening Ruin Your New Year

2018 has drawn attention to the numerous dangers of having teeth whitening carried out illegally and if you’re thinking about having the treatment, it’s essential that you approach a dentist to do this for you. Professional teeth whitening can be a life-changing treatment for many people, restoring their confidence and desire to smile and here at St Peter’s Lodge we take the safety and wellbeing of our patients very seriously – you can read all about the treatment here

Illegal teeth whitening – know the dangers

Earlier this month, the BBC reported about a woman, Brenda McFayden, who was taken to court for carrying out illegal teeth whitening. She claimed she was unaware that she was offering the treatment illegally and contacted by the GDC, who made her aware that only registered dentists can carry out teeth whitening. The BBC’s report said that ‘celebrity culture and reality shows such as The Only Way is Essex have contributed to a big growth in the popularity of teeth whitening treatments’. However, rather than seeking the treatment from a qualified dentist who has the relevant medical training, many people are turning to non-qualified individuals and are not aware of the dangers that these methods can bring about.

Why is illegal teeth whitening unsafe?

Teeth whitening can only be safe when it is a custom treatment. When you dentist prepares your teeth for applying the whitening agent, they will first create a set of whitening trays to which the agent is applied. These are made by taking impressions of your teeth which means they are an exact fit for your tooth structure and as a result, you are not at any risk of the whitening agent coming into contact with your gums. Those offering the treatment without the correct equipment and medical knowledge cannot create bespoke trays and instead use one-size-fits-all trays, leaving you at risk of the agent leaking over onto your teeth and gums – this can cause irrevocable damage and leave you in a lot of pain.


Our friendly team here in St Albans are happy to talk through teeth whitening with you at a consultation where you can ask any questions you might have. Contact us today and we can book you in at your convenience.


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