The Most Significant Innovations In Dentistry That We’re Embracing Here At St Peter’s Lodge

The world of dentistry has come a long way, with notable advancements emerging in the past few decades in particular. Below, we examine some of the most important advancements and treatment technology to date, all of which we’re implementing at St Peter’s Lodge so that our patients receive the best of care. 

CEREC crowns

CEREC same-day crowns revolutionised the crowning system by offering patients the chance to have a crown created and milled in a single appointment. CEREC crowns are custom created on site from a high quality piece of porcelain and your dentist will take factors such as your eye, hair and skin colour into account to produce the most aesthetic result possible. You can read more about CEREC crowns here.

Digital impressions

Once upon a time, traditional alginate impressions were the only way to generate a mould of a patient’s teeth for treatments such as crowning, orthodontics, occlusal splints (to prevent tooth grinding) and mouth guards. The introduction of digital impressions has revolutionised the impressions process, making the experience more comfortable and practical for dentist and patient alike. Anyone who has ever had an alginate impression will know that the gloopy impression material can induce a gag reflex and is not the most pleasant of experiences. By contrast, digital impressions are a simple scan of the teeth, facilitating the process for dentists, who can obtain an accurate impression in less time and reducing chair time for patients.

Invisalign clear aligners

First introduced to the public in 2000, Invisalign clear aligners have now treated over 4 million patients worldwide and are a firm favourite with many celebrities including Tom Cruise, Kathy Bates (you can read her glowing review of Invisalign here) and Niall Horan. Invisalign is a removable treatment allowing patients 2 hours a day in which to remove their aligners to brush and eat, a particularly attractive advantage for those on specific diets such as keto, vegan and vegetarian.

Digital dentistry to educate patients

Digital dentistry allows dentists to show their patients the movements their teeth will go through (in the case of orthodontics) throughout treatment, and the final result of cosmetic treatments before any treatment even begins. This is particularly useful for patients who are apprehensive about their treatment who might need encouragement and incentive before beginning. Dentists can also use the images of your teeth that they have on screen to explain and educate patients; a much more effective way for patients to interpret dentistry jargon!


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