Dental Implants And Their Role In Rebuilding The Future Of Your Dental Health

Losing a tooth can be a huge cause of anxiety, low self-esteem and be responsible for a grave decline in your oral and dental health. Whilst tooth loss does not immediately manifest particularly invasive problems to begin with, over a few short years problems such as jawbone loss, a change in tooth structure and difficulties chewing and speaking can begin to take their toll. But why is it dental implants that are hailed the best way to tackle these problems, as opposed to dentures for example? We explore this below.

Amazing aesthetic results

Dental implants are made with you in mind. They are created in the image of your smile, so your dentist here at St Peter’s Lodge will take your skin, eye and hair colour into account when designing and creating the restoration for your implant. We can offer aesthetic same-day CEREC crowns, which are considered to be the best way to get a crown – we are also one of very few practices offering these in the St Albans and indeed the Hertfordshire area.

Preserve your jawbone

The effects that tooth loss have on the jawbone are often overlooked and not well known. Your teeth are the main support for your jawbone and throughout the day, they make lots of miniscule connections, most notably when you eat. When there is a vacant space in your mouth, the jawbone does not receive the stimulation it needs in order for tissues to keep growing around your teeth and support it. As a result, it begins to shrink due to a process known as resorption.

Feel confident

Losing a tooth, particularly one that is part of what is known as the ‘social six’ (the teeth most visible to others when you smile), can cause self esteem levels to plummet. Many people put off smiling altogether for fear of exposing the vacant space in their mouth to others in the workplace, with partners and with friends. A dental implant is a fixed solution that unlike dentures, does not run any risk of slipping or falling out because it becomes a part of your body. It will simply feel like another of your natural teeth.


If you would like more information about dental implants treatment at St Peter’s Lodge, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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