Dental Implants – An Investment Into The Future Of Your Smile

Dental implants can totally transform smiles and change a person with a missing tooth’s day-to-day life. Below, we outline exactly what the reasons for this are. 

Jawbone loss

One of the less known consequences of failing to replace a missing tooth  is jawbone resorption or shrinkage, though it is mainly those with multiple missing teeth who are most susceptible. In the first year after the extraction of a tooth, 25% of jawbone is lost and this continues at a rate of about 4mm each year. As  dental implants are inserted directly into the jawbone, the body is tricked into thinking there is a real tooth present and therefore the tissues begin to grow around the implant again.

Loss of confidence

Having a missing tooth can bring about a loss of confidence due to the changes to your facial aesthetic, which can make your appear older than your years. If you are missing a tooth that is part of the ‘social six’, it may put you off smiling, for fear of exposing the vacant space in your smile to others.

Dental implants are a permanent solution that can last for life

Unlike dentures which are removable and can actually promote jawbone loss, dental implants are made from a highly biocompatible titanium and become a permanent part of the body, as outlined above. As implants mimic the presence of a real tooth, there is no jawbone shrinkage but in the cases of dentures, as they are removable, the jawbone shrinks and becomes too small for the dentures, which then need to be replaced. Dental implants will last a lifetime if properly looked after – this means treating them as you would an existing tooth. Unfortunately, dentures cannot be cared for as you would care for a natural tooth and require the patient to take them out on order to clean them.

No restrictions on diet with dental implants

With an increasing amount of us embracing specific diets such as keto, vegetarian, vegan and raw food to name a few, treatment that limits or prohibits foods from these kind of diets can be off-putting. In particular, raw food, vegetarian and vegan are made up of many solid foods that could become problematic when dentures are breaking them down. Dental implants allow you to eat foods of all consistencies, giving the patient freedom.


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