How Regular Dental Examinations Prevent Dental Problems

Here in the UK, half of adults fail to visit the dentist once a year, putting them at risk of developing issues such as cavities, gum disease and tooth loss. 

Regular dental check-ups are essential in giving your dentist the opportunity to check over every aspect of your oral health and here at St Peter’s Lodge, our philosophy is to treat the patient beyond that which is merely their teeth. Your oral health affects many aspects of your overall health and conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer’s.

The mouth is made up of soft tissues and the condition of these tissues provides the ideal window into your overall health. Your dentist will be looking to healthy tissues that are pink in colour and search for any abnormalities such as ulcerated areas. Regular dental examinations can actually be life-saving, flagging up early symptoms or mouth cancer – catching this early is one of the most important factors for treatment to be successful.

Your dentist can also advise on any treatments that might benefit you to tackle chipped, discoloured, crooked and stained teeth. Here at St Peter’s Lodge, we can perform a smile makeover, which is more than one cosmetic treatment carried out. This could be tooth whitening in combination with veneers or facial aesthetics treatment with CEREC crowns and during your check-up we can discuss if you are eligible for such treatment.

Hygienist appointments

You should attend regular hygienist appointments alongside dental check-ups, as hygienists are experts in gum health and play an educational role in advising and helping you to take care of your teeth and gums. Everyone’s tooth structure is different and your hygienist can show you how best to brush your teeth and what kind of toothbrush is best for your teeth, as well as how to floss effectively.


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