White (Composite) Fillings – The Benefits

Fillings still play a vital role in prolonging the life of teeth and preventing the need for more complex treatment later down the line. Their design has come a long way and the introduction of white fillings has offered patients a more aesthetic solution as well as being mercury-free, unlike silver (or amalgam) fillings.



Amalgam fillings have a metallic grey finish that is aesthetically invasive when you open your mouth which can leave you feeling self conscious. White fillings on the other hand, can be created to match the shade of your teeth – you can their design with your dentist here at St Peter’s Lodge.

Silver fillings have a shorter lifespan

Amalgam fillings are packed into a single area of your teeth, similar to how a you might use Pollyfilla to fill a crack in a wall. These type of fillings tend to have a 10 year life span and overtime as they wear away, they expose areas where bacteria can gather and cause tooth decay that you may not even become aware of until it warrants some serious treatment. Even if you are not thinking about having your fillings replaced just yet, it’s important to attend regular check-ups so as to draw attention to any problems you might have with your filling.

Amalgam fillings react negatively to temperature changes

Metal contracts and expands with temperature changes and as an amalgam filling is created from around 50% mercury (a type of metal used in thermometers) it adjusts to the temperature. This means that when you drink something hot, the amalgam expands and put unnecessary strain on your tooth, leading to cracks and fractures. As composite fillings are amalgam-free, this problem is eliminated.

Composite fillings reinforce the tooth    

Composite filings fill cavities and are designed to bond directly to the tooth so that the filling and the tooth work together, not against one another as is often the case with amalgam fillings.


If you would like to know more about white fillings at St Peter’s Lodge here in St Albans please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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