Why Dentists Make Excellent Facial Aestheticians

Getting anti-wrinkle treatment at the same place you have a filling or root canal might seem a little strange at first. But dentists are uniquely qualified to offer facial aesthetic treatments and many patients appreciate the convenience of being able to have multiple treatments under the same roof. Here’s why it’s becoming increasingly common.

Dentists have extensive knowledge of facial anatomy

Dentists are highly skilled medical professionals who go through many years of training and acquire an in-depth knowledge of the facial structure and facial muscles. This is vital when administering anti-wrinkle injections, which require precise application using fine motor skills. In the face, many muscles are located very close together and the difference between ending up with comical-looking Spock brows (the ‘Mephisto effect’) and achieving the perfectly smooth forehead you’re after involves muscles that are mere millimetres apart. Dentists carry out more invasive procedures in the facial area than any other type of healthcare specialist, making them uniquely qualified to help you achieve the results you want.

Dentists are clinical professionals

Think back to your last dental check-up – you’ll probably remember disposable gloves, sterilising equipment, and face masks… all evidence of the high clinical standards required to meet health and safety regulations and prevent infection and contamination. When you undergo facial aesthetics treatments at a dentist’s office you can be sure that you are in a safe and hygienic environment – this isn’t always the case with other providers that may be less experienced with healthcare best practices.

Dentists can incorporate facial aesthetics into a full smile makeover

If you’re thinking of straightening your smile, replacing a missing or damaged tooth, or whitening your teeth in addition to one or more facial aesthetic procedures, your dentist can advise you on the best methods to get the results you want. In addition, some dental conditions, including bruxism and TMJ, have been shown to benefit from injectable treatments to the jaw muscles. Rather than visiting several different providers, many patients prefer the convenience of having everything done under one roof with a practitioner that they trust. St Peter’s Lodge dentist Nishma Kerai has extensive training in both cosmetic dentistry and facial anti-wrinkle treatments, and is able to help even the most nervous of patients feel relaxed in her care.

If you are interested in learning more about the facial aesthetic treatments we offer here at St Peter’s Lodge, contact one of our friendly team members to book a free consultation appointment. We offer late evening and Saturday appointments for your convenience.


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