Silver fillings

Silver fillings

Traditional silver-coloured fillings to prolongs the life of your teeth

Whilst composite (tooth coloured) fillings are becoming more popular, amalgam fillings still have a place in modern dentistry.

Dental amalgam is the traditional silver-coloured filling we are all familiar with. With a long history of proven effectiveness, these types of fillings offer robust, durable performance and bring good support to the remaining structure of your teeth.

Some patients will be aware that there is mercury in dental amalgam, and may be concerned that this could be harmful. Rest assured that here at St Peter’s Lodge the general health of our patients is our absolute prime concern, and we would never carry out any treatment which did not inspire our full confidence.

In fact, once mercury is combined with the other materials in the amalgam filling, the chemical nature is changed, rendering it harmless. Research into the safety of dental amalgam has been carried out for over a century and to date, no trustworthy controlled studies have found a connection between amalgam fillings and any medical problem.

A straightforward treatment carried out with uncommon care and attention

Most of us have fillings and know that this is one of the more straightforward treatments which dentists carry out. Nevertheless, it’s one which we carry out with just the same commitment and dedication as the most technically challenging procedure.

Pain-free dentistry is one of our highest priorities, and you can trust us to make sure you’re entirely comfortable, pain-free and at your ease when you come to use for a filling, just like any other treatment we conduct here at our St Albans surgery.


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