Improve your smile by straightening crooked teeth with unobtrusive modern braces

Orthodontics is an extremely important aspect of dentistry which can not only transform appearance but also lead to improved all-round health – something we always look to achieve for our patients at St Peter’s Lodge.

Of course, straightening crooked or protruding teeth can greatly boost your confidence and enjoyment of life. But properly fitted braces can also bring about big improvements in oral health. Straighter, well-aligned teeth are easier to clean and so less likely to suffer from decay. Just as importantly, braces can be used to correct a difficult bite – preventing headaches and painful jaw problems, as well as helping to preserve tooth enamel.

The right braces for the right person

The St Peter’s Lodge approach to dentistry is all about finding individual treatments to suit individual people – never more so than when the choice of braces is under consideration. Your dentist will look closely at your dental history and carry out a careful examination before talking through the options which are most likely to bring you the best results.

We can offer both removable and fixed (‘train-tracks’) options to straighten your teeth. Many other types are available and are used for specific problems.

Invisible and discreet braces

We always think it’s a shame that some people are put off wearing braces because they feel they believe they would be too noticeable. We can offer a range of clear braces and cosmetic orthodontic solutions including ceramic ‘tooth-coloured’ brackets for fixed braces and removable, clear braces which are almost impossible to detect.

Of course, not every type of braces is suitable for every patient. We’ll talk through this at your orthodontic consultation before treatment begins.

Braces designed to achieve the right results over less time

Another objection to wearing braces which we sometimes hear is the fear that the treatment will take too long to work. Choosing a removable appliance can cut the treatment time considerably – perhaps to as little as 6 to 16 weeks. More comprehensive treatment with fixed appliances takes from 6-8months. You’ll need to visit our practice here in St Albans every few weeks during treatment.

Defining orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment is used to straighten teeth and correct bite problems. This generally involves selecting and fitting braces, which can be either fixed or removable. Orthodontic treatment isn’t just suitable for children – adults can benefit greatly, too.

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